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The previous scene of the pilot takes place at the summit of a hill, which is captured in the “Ride To The Top” title photograph. We want a contrasty scene this time! 

Despite the rain earlier in the afternoon, we followed our intuition that it was the perfect time for a new photoshoot/journey. Though it may not have been the most practical idea to make the trip just after the rain, given the hilly terrain underground, we can say that it was worth the effort. Our hiking adventure began by relying solely on a mobile map and the info at the site into the wild while carrying our gear on our backs. Despite several detours, closures, and moments of uncertainty, we persevered and kept pushing forward. We asked ourselves questions like “Which direction should we take?” or “Is it close to the spot?” until we finally reached the suspected entry to the destination. 

We’ve been in a similar situation before, or rather, a worse one. It was during the photoshoot for the “Bargain Of The Day” title in the “Crazy Houses II” 2021 series. Unlike our current location in an open forest, we found ourselves in an abandoned stocking factory in France. The factory had closed doors and was surrounded by a wired fence. Despite the obstacles, we persevered for over 45 minutes until we found a dark tunnel that led to a small light in the distance. With no guide or map to rely on, we pushed forward with confidence to reach the scene for the photoshoot. Visit the series to see the photography if you are curious about it.

Certainly, we encountered a wet and slippery environment, we were uncertain if the ground was stable due to the numerous ponds in the area. To top it off, we had to wrap up quickly to avoid disruption from other individuals. In my fine art photography, I depend on my own artistic judgment, skills, and experiences to capture the perfect shot in a timely manner. These elements are essential and make my work distinctive. 

Currently, we are meticulously reviewing all of the pictures from our trip. Unfortunately, we have only come across one or two photos that meet our standards, similar to when we produced “Bargain of the Day” and were only able to use one shot from our three-day excursion. Nevertheless, the quality of our art matters!

Thank you for being with us during this journey, see you in the next spot!

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