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The Crash Site

We were searching for inspiration for our next series after releasing “Where Music Is Born” earlier this year. We are considering what our character, the Pilot, could do after exploring music studios in The Netherlands. However, with the start of summer, the peak season activities, the planning for the next series has been put on hold.

On a slow morning Swedish autumn day in September, we decided to hit the road without any prior planning. After packing our gear and getting into the car, we just started driving. It’s funny how things happen at the right moment. Our intuition led us in the right direction, and we arrived at our destination in just around 45 minutes. And that’s where we started our new fine art photography series – FANTASYLAND.

We embarked on this journey with a mix of both planned and unplanned elements, which allowed us to explore and experiment with this new project, much like life itself. Life is an adventure, after all. 

Scene of the photo series: 

“The pilot flying from a distant location has crashed into an unfamiliar place. He survives the crash, and here is where the exploration journey starts.”   

Join us on a unique journey as we explore the unknown. Follow our series and gain insight into the making-of process with our Polaroid edition, while releasing a new photograph every Saturday. Come appreciate the journey’s beauty with us and accept our invitation to join now. 

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