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Arvika Konsthall

Arvika Konsthall Summer Exhibition

“Synergi” duo exhibition with Karin Gustavsson

Karin Gustavsson about “The felted experiment”:

In 2016, I started a project called “The felted experiment”. It is an exploration of a meeting between hard and soft materials. In my work process, objects are formed and each object represents knowledge building and increased understanding around a work process and making with materials and it`s language. In the beginning, wool dominated the expression, hence the name of the project. In recent years, other materials such as concrete, clay, wood and silk have also taken place in my objects.


The challenges of contemporary life, whether in the home or workplace, can be presented in a distinctive and engaging manner. Exploring the strains of modern life through the beauty of abandoned places in Germany and Belgium offers a unique blend of humor and beauty. No stress, relax & smile!


Continuing the series from “Crazy Houses I”, these art pieces visualize the daily struggles we face in our social lives due to the pressures of modern society. This series explores how global changes can affect our values and judgments.

Highlighting the “Issues” with a touch of humor and beauty of decay in abandoned locations across France, The Netherlands, and Sweden.

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