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New Project!


From September '23 my new project Fantasyland will start.
Stay tuned and check this page for his next step!

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Fantastyland The Crash Site 45x60 Boxframe_detail


Throughout my career as a fine art photographer, I’ve had the privilege of expressing my viewpoints and sparking meaningful conversations through my lens. I hold myself to high standards when it comes to my work. My photographs aren’t just aesthetically pleasing; they are also thought-provoking and meaningful, inviting viewers to interpret them in their own […]
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The previous scene of the pilot takes place at the summit of a hill, which is captured in the “Ride To The Top” title photograph. We want a contrasty scene this time!  Despite the rain earlier in the afternoon, we followed our intuition that it was the perfect time for a new photoshoot/journey. Though it […]
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The Crash Site


We were searching for inspiration for our next series after releasing “Where Music Is Born” earlier this year. We are considering what our character, the Pilot, could do after exploring music studios in The Netherlands. However, with the start of summer, the peak season activities, the planning for the next series has been put on […]
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Arvika Konsthall Summer Exhibition

Arvika Konsthall

“Synergi” duo exhibition with Karin Gustavsson Karin Gustavsson about “The felted experiment”: In 2016, I started a project called “The felted experiment”. It is an exploration of a meeting between hard and soft materials. In my work process, objects are formed and each object represents knowledge building and increased understanding around a work process and […]
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Frequency Laboratory

Where Music Is Born

This series was a long journey of thinking, planning, setbacks and synergy. It all started with the idea of ​​creating a new series inspired by my previous work, Alienation. With the idea in mind to inspire children with my photography to follow their dreams, just as I was once was inspired by a photo on […]
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